Q & A

Hey guys 

I just thought of writing a post to keep it open for anyone who wants to ask any questions with regards to Tofino, me, riding, a product anything at all. 

You can simply comment below as yourself or as anonymous or through Instagram @TofinoTack

I will later make a post of the questions and answer them one by one hopefully. 


3 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. What boot would you recommend for barn chores? I’ve had Ariat cowboy boots, Justin cowboy boots, Muck boots, Nobel Outfitters muck boots, Tractor Supply rubber boots (the $20 ones with the horses on them), the Tractor Supply $30 polka dot boots. They all last 2-4 months (except the Muck brand) before they have a hole in the side of them. I practically live in my boots doing everything from riding, to cleaning stalls, scrubbing water troughs, chasing naughty ponies who don’t want to be caught 😉 Any recommendations?


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