B Vertigo Kimberley Breeches [REVIEW]

I got these breeches last year, first time trying B Vertigo, so I was hesitant but the detail and fabric won me over.

The B Vertigo Kimberely Breeches come in both knee patch and full seat, however, I will only be reviewing the knee patch as it is the pair I have.


  • 4-way stretch
  • Contrasting leg stripe
  • Elegant back pocket embroidery
  • Quality-made for durability and long lasting use
  • Breathable
  • Moisture-wicking material

BV Cool-Power Fabric: Materials: 79% Tactel, 16% Coolmax, 5% Elastane.

I did find that they are true to size. They are on the pricey side, however, you can get them on sale at certain times. They can be ordered either from www.TackShop.ae or www.DubaiPetFood.com

(click to enlarge)

The breeches fit very neatly and feel super comfortable on and off the horse. They have two front pockets and back pockets which are all deep enough to fit your phone. The detailing is so precise and beautiful. I am in love with the contrast stitching. There is a double hook button closure on the waist, a medallion on the front belt loop, and a metal logo plate on the belt loop (which can’t be seen here but is shown in the pic above).


The belt loop width is around 2″ which I find very comfortable. That being said, I do only own 1.5″ belts but it still looks fine. The material is breathable and super comfortable especially in this heat and humidity. I see no sign of wear and tear so far, and they have not stretched or shrunk.

The knee patch is not functional and is only there for design. I do find that the breeches are loose starting from under the knee. I am not sure if this is due to me having smaller calves and ankles than normal or other’s have the same issue.

They have a sock bottom which most modern riding pants have, but I personally prefer velcro as I can adjust the tightness.

Pros: Cons:


•  Super comfortable

•  Good fit

•  Great detail 

•  Functional pockets

•   Pricey side

•  Loose from knee to ankle

•  Sock ankle ( I prefer adjustable velcro)

Verdict: I would definitely recommend these breeches as they are really comfortable and durable which is surprising for Dubai’s hot sticky weather. Although they do not fit me well from knee downwards, I still love them heaps!

2 thoughts on “B Vertigo Kimberley Breeches [REVIEW]

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