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Hi guys!
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Q & A replies

Hello lovely people!
So a few of you managed to send through some questions which I greatly appreciate  As promised here are my answers:

How old is Tofino? 16. Born 2000

How long have you had your horse? Since 2011

Did you have experience with horses before getting Tofino? Yes and no. I had a few lessons at riding schools but it is completely different owning a horse, than just going for lessons. I would suggest leasing first or making sure you have someone with you who knows what they’re doing. I was lucky to have @popthepony by my side .

What got you into horses? I’m not so sure, once I hopped on, I couldn’t see it any other way. And I love the fact  that there is no age limit, there is no gender separation when it comes to competing too. It is more than just a sport, it is a relationship with your horse ❤

Why did you chose to continue after your accident? It’s a passion, and if you’re passionate about something, you don’t allow any obstacles to get in your way.

Would you buy another horse? Not yet. I still have a lot to learn, and a lot to overcome with regards to my injury. Perhaps in the future, but I would rather ride for someone to be honest.

Why did you start your website? I wanted to share the information and knowledge I have within the equestrian world, and include reviews on different products to be able to help riders out there to invest on items that are worth it as everything is so expensive when it comes to horses >_<

Do you do any other form of exercise outside or riding? Yes, I try to workout at least 3x a week, be it power walking, or strengthening exercises such as push ups, pull ups, lunges, squats etc. This helps keep myself balanced.

Do you consider riding cruel? Yes, and no. I am against many many things in the equestrian world that’s for sure, but it all depends on the rider, how they treat their horses and listen to them.

What are your goals for this season? Honestly, just to try our best at shows every now and then and have fun doing so. Although I cam very competitive with myself, I don’t want to push Tofino unless I completely feel like he’s up for it, especially with him losing his vision we have to take it slow.

Favourite brand? This is a tough one!
Clothing: I love Cavalleria Toscana and Kingsland Equestrian as they have classic designs. I also like Equine couture as they are cheaper, and mimic other brands and are innovative with their breeches.
Tack: Prestige Italia
Horse items: Veredus

Favourite equipment? I’m a little obsessed with Saddles 😛

Favourite discipline? I personally love jumping and dressage, but I also love watching western riding.

Favourite Show jumper/idol? Also tough! I love how Michel Robert really tries to educate and teach, I love Marcus Ehning’s riding, he’s so gentle; and  I love Luca Moneta’s relationship with his horses.

Favourite riding breeches? Kingsland Equestrian.

What boot would you recommend for barn chores? Ariat Barnyard belle h2o boots. I wrote a review on them and I love how durable and tough they are.

Would you ever sell Tofino? NO! He’s my baby boy worth more than a million dollars.


If you have any more questions I would be happy to add them to the post 🙂


Q & A

Hey guys 

I just thought of writing a post to keep it open for anyone who wants to ask any questions with regards to Tofino, me, riding, a product anything at all. 

You can simply comment below as yourself or as anonymous or through Instagram @TofinoTack

I will later make a post of the questions and answer them one by one hopefully. 


Become a Guest writer

Hey guys!

I decided to try something new, where I would place an extra category for guest writers who would like to write up something they would like to share. You can do it anonymously, or link it back to your social media, or simply your name.

The reason I started TofinoTack was to be able to spread my knowledge and experience to others, but why limit it there? So you are welcome to write about anything at all, whether it be a review on a product you have, or some tips, facts, motivational stories, experiences, etc.

If you are interested please contact me at or comment below 👇🏼. 

So who’s in? 😀


That’s a Wrap! [2015]

I can’t believe it’s the end of 2015. It’s been such a long journey this year. We started off at the equine hospital in January due to Tofino having diarrhea and shortly after, I was in the hospital undergoing a surgery.

Weeks of no weight bearing, just to undergo another surgery and then another. This year alone, it has been 3 surgeries, and long bed rest recoveries. Despite all the time in and out of hospitals throughout the years, the website thankfully picked up so many hits which is all thanks to you guys 💙.

Just before the season, after continuously purchasing Reverdy Adult Specific Feed since his diarrhea mishap, we luckily managed to get sponsored by Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies which is more than amazing 😍. They are not only super supportive and generous, but also have a wide range of brands that they represent, e.g, Cavalleria ToscanaFranco Tucci, and more.

cavalos reverdy 2

Tofino was taking it easy in the paddocks, with a few gallops here and there; until I got the green light to ride again. Having been on and off for 4 years now due to my injury, it was and still is such a struggle to ride. My pain is continuous so I’m in pain whether I am riding or not, so might as well make it worth 😉 (keep moving forward).


We managed to do two shows thus far which went surprisingly really well.  I am truly so very proud of us ❤️. Tofino has been super patient with me and I am honestly so lucky to have him in my life.  The time spent not being able to ride has increased our bond immensely (tips on horse bonding).


I have had a blast riding again and everyday is a new adventure. I am so thankful for of course Tofino,, Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies for their sponsorship and support, and for you guys who take the time to go through my blog. Thank you so much and I hope you all have a Happy New Year 🎉