Ariat Barnyard Belle H2O Boots [REVIEW]

I was looking for boots I can use around the stable that are waterproof for the longest time! I was using the Ariat Heritage III (reviewed) but they are not waterproof.

I came across the Ariat Barnyard Belle H2O that were on sale from Riding Warehouse last year and decided to order them.


Ariat gives the traditional barn boot a makeover with the Ariat Barnyard Belle H20 Boot!  The Barnyard Belle gives every day stable boots a dose of equestrian style while still maintaining comfort and incorporating performance features.  Imported.


  • Exclusive Ariat® Waterproof Pro™ Construction
  • Stylish Easy Pull-On, Mid Rise Design
  • Durable, Waterproof Full-Grain Leather Foot
  • Molded Heel Clip for Added StabilityAriat ATS Technology Image
  • Exclusive ATS™ Technology EVA Midsole offers optimal
    stability and all day comfort for performance you can depend on
  • Slip-Resistant, Non-Marking Duratread™ Outsole
  • Drawcord top for custom fit

Color: Dark Brown

Sizing: Women’s 5.5 – 11

The boots have spur holders and therefore, can be used for riding, however, I do not find them supportive whatsoever for riding and they are too clunky so won’t fit on all stirrups. They are breathable and great for hot days as they are not insulated. The bottom grip is great I don’t slip on wet areas.

I do use them around the barn 99% of the time except for riding. I naturally have slim feet so my foot did move on the inside of the boots causing rubs, even though length wise they were good. So, I did have to place insoles in order to avoid my foot from moving. It took about a week to “break them in” with the insoles.

IMG_3621  img_5451-1

Waterproof technology works great in the wet grass and while showering Tofino. Comfort however is only there when I place insoles. The drawcord mechanism is hard to adjust as it is stiff but it does tighten eventually. They do do drop a little and this is with 3 months of use. I hope they don’t go down fully. They are easy to put on and take off as they have a pull on piece.

IMG_3914  IMG_3913

Pros: Cons:

 Good height

•  Good grip

•   Spur holder

•  Easy on and off

•  Breathable

•   One colour

•   Wide & Clunky

•   Drawstring mechanism needs improvement

•   Takes time to break in

More comfortable with insole

• Drops

Verdict: For everyday stable boots these are good. My feet don’t get wet at all and I can walk in the grass, mud, sand, arena without worrying about ruining my boots 🙂 If you’re looking for working barn boots then i would recommend the barnyard belle, HOWEVER, you can just go about wearing regular rain/rubber boots which are cheaper, but with less comfort.

Schockemoehle Melbourne Halter [REVIEW]

I was looking for a new head collar as mine has changed colour (KL halter). When i first saw the Schockemoehle Melbourne Head collar, I knew i had to try it ❤  I managed to purchase it from Equestrian Solutions for 210AED.

It comes in either a Brown or a Navy/cream colour:
schockemoehle-sports-halfter-melbourne_schoko-brau             schockemoehle-sports-halfter-melbourne_marine-natu

“Schockemoehle Sports Halter Melbourne”
  • Halter made of soft nylon
  • head piece, cheeks and noseband padded with real sheep skin
  • logo-woven label on noseband
  • logo on the buckles
  • size: Pony, Cob, Full, XL

I ordered the Full size, even though Tofino is cob, as I like to have it a little loose, however, these do run small, so I would suggest you size up.  There was also no lead rope with the head collar but I did purchase it separately from Schockemoehle also.

Note: All photos below are by my friend Axelle Talma (popthepony)]

DSC_0870  DSC_0894

I reckon it looks super classy and professional. The sheepskin is a little rougher than expected though. The hardware has rusted already a bit, and there are two different types of hardware on a single head collar (shiny and matte) which I am not too fond of. You can see below that the buckle and the cheek area are shiny, but the ring on the jaw is matte which is the one that started to rust.
Click to enlarge:DSC_0876

Due to the sheepskin, there are no rubs on the face which makes this a good travel halter (5 essential travel gear). I only use it for shows, or as you can see, in a photoshoot, so the sheepskin doesn’t get ruined quickly, and because my other nylon halters became a teal colour, I am trying to avoid it with this.

DSC_0918  DSC_0891

Pros: Cons:

• Protective

•  Good for travel

•  Lightweight

•  4 size options

•  Hardware Rusts

•  Hardware not consistent material

•  Doesn’t come with lead rope

•  Not as soft or padded as expected

Verdict: I would recommend this halter to use for special occasions, but not everyday, as every nylon halter changes colour over time under the sun, and the sheepskin would deteriorate. It has a classic clean look that would look good on any horse. HOWEVER, if you are looking for something with super soft and extra padding, then I would recommend you either get sheekpskin rolls added to your current halter, or find one that already has (e.g eskadron).

Back on Track Royal Boots [REVIEW]

Tofino’s back leg tends to swell up after work sometimes, depending on the weather. The hotter, the more swelling. Therefore, I always ice his legs after exercises always.

I was searching for ways to prevent the swelling and came across the Back on Track Royal Boots.

royal_tendon_bruin_collage  fetlock-brown-1

Back on Track® Tendon Boots, Royal

Back on Track® Tendon Boots, Royal not only provides provide soothing, pain relieving FAR infrared therapy, they offer essential protection for the forelegs tendons, which is particularly important during high energy activities (show jumping, for example) when the hind foot can extend forward, strike and damage the tendon on the front leg. The Tendon Boots combine a hardwearing, nylon laminated TPU outer casing with a thick, soft neoprene inner (perforated for extra ventilation/air flow) and lined with the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric. Designed for comfort and protection, the durable Tendon Boots are easy to apply and the tough elastic straps & brass buckles ensure a secure fit. Their high density effectively distributes pressure and absorbs impact. 

Cob, or Full

Colours: Black, Brown or White 

I purchased mine fron Doc Horse, they come separately, the front tendon boots (€95), and the back fetlock boots (€56) in the Brown Cob (M) size. They are super light, which is aways a positive as they allow your horse more freedom. I like that the fetlocks are protected both inside and out. I know some riders prefer to only protect the inside as it may affect your horses functionality, but since they’re super light and meant to be therapeutic, the more it covers, the better.

The boots have 3 buckles in the tendon boots, and two in the fetlock, helping secure the boots in place.  I would have personally preferred if the buckle keepers were silver instead of brass to match the front contrast borders which I reckon look pretty awesome.

IMG_1488  IMG_1487

There are air vents which helps in preventing the legs from overheating, especially since Back on Track uses infrared therapy. This is great for the leg, but makes it hard to clean unfortunately as sand does get stuck in the air vents. But hey, sometimes you gotta compromise 😉


On another note, the lining does feel a little flimsy as it always rolls under the boot as circled below. I have to double check when placing them on Tofino so they don’t cause irritation or rubs, so far so good.

 IMG_1355 copy  IMG_1384 copy

It has also very quickly started to develop some pilling on the edges and inside of the boots. The lining is not durable whatsoever which is disappointing as you are paying good money to have not only the “therapeutic” side but also functionality.

IMG_4079   IMG_4080

I love the way they look and how they function, I just wish they are able to withstand wear. Nonetheless, they have worked as advertised and Tofino doesn’t get swollen fetlock anymore when wearing them. I only use them for riding, and sometimes keep them on for a while in the paddock after a longer ride for that extra treatment.

back on track boots showBack on Track Royal Boots // Passier Breastplate // Nathe Bit // Freejump // Franco Tucci Boots // Cavalleria Toscana Saddle Pad //  Photo by Tara Hamilton

Pros: Cons:
 Secure fit

• Therapeutic (actually helps with swelling)

•  Ventilated

•  Lightweight

•  Protective

•   Not durable

•   Pricey for lack of durability


Verdict: If your horse has swelling issues, I would definitely recommend these boots as they truly have helped prevent swelling post exercise. If you are planning on getting them just for the way they look, then I would say you can go for something else that’s more durable such as the Veredus ones.

Cavalleria Toscana Gloves [Review]

There isn’t much information on the Cavalleria Toscana Gloves so I decided to write a little review on them as I have had them for over a month. Yes, another glove review ha-ha. Probably the last in a while as I have found my favorites 🙂

These gloves only come in black, with a wide range of sizes from Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies.
In case you haven’t noticed, I love Cavalleria Toscana ❤ . They are a very classic brand and you can never really go wrong with their items. The gloves are a very simple design, yet a little too bulky, with the CT logo on the velcro closure. They are short cut (which i prefer), giving you the flexibility to easily move your wrist.

IMG_3243  IMG_3241

They are made of a thick, yet stretchy material, so I would recommend them for cooler weather. They have a full on grip on the inside which works very well. The gloves do NOT work with touch screen, and they get dirty so quickly, not due to the black colour, but the fabric used. Therefore, I decided to keep them only for shows.

IMG_3240  IMG_3244

Noor 1 cT gloves Photographed by Tara Hamilton

Note: I have not been able to test their durability yet as I should give it about 3 months time to determine how well they hold up. But so far so good, and I am pretty hopeful for them as they are a thicker material.

Pros: Cons:
 Really good grip

•  Attractive design

•  Great for competitions 

•   Flexible

•  Affordable

•  Good for cool weather

•  Short cuff

•   Not touch screen compatible

•   Attracts dirt

•   Only comes in one colour


Verdict: I really like the way these gloves look, even though they are a little bulky, I feel like they are sturdy and have good grip. Due to the fact that they attract dust and are not touch screen compatible  i would not recommend them for everyday, but I would definitely recommend them for shows.

Reverdy Adult Specific Energy Feed [REVIEW] ft. Cavalos

I never really paid attention to Tofino’s diet until I realized how much of an affect your horses feed has on not only a their energy, but also their behavior, and overall health and body condition.

Beginning of this year, Tofino suffered a couple of weeks of diarrhea and ended up staying in the hospital for a few days. That’s when I realized he cannot continue to stay on the clubs food which is not catered to his age and condition.

I was told to keep him on a low starch diet from now on, so the vet gave me a few bags of Zabeel Low Starch feed. He went well on it with no diarrhea or other problems. The problem with Zabeel Feed Mill is that if you do not receive your bag fresh, it ends up having a lot of dust which is not good for your horse. So since quality was never consistent, I searched and searched until I came across Reverdy where they not only take the time to make sure their feed is of superb quality but also help you understand why they chose specific ingredients. You can check out their catalog HERE.

After reading their brochure we decided to try the Adult Specific Energy Feed (complete Data Sheet) from Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies.


[Pelleted feed for adult horse subject to tying up and gastric ulcers.]

Composition: Alfalfa 17 (horse), Barley, Extruded linseed, Straw, Chicory pulp, Sepiolite, Extruded soya beans without GMO*, Sodium chloride, Skimmed milk powder, Kaolinite, Prebiotics, Magnesium phosphate, Potato protein, Bentonite, Monocalcium phosphate, Trace elements, Vitamins and Natural Anti-oxidant.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 9.45.14 PM

Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies were kind enough to send us a couple of sample bags after hearing our situation. Tofino had no issues transitioning (how to transition your horses feed) and we were hooked! I continued to purchase it myself for a number of months, even though it is on the pricey side, but you should never cut costs when it comes to your horses diet. Thankfully, Reverdy Feed does not require you to feed your horse in large quantities, therefore, the bag lasts longer.

IMG_3254  IMG_3252

Note: Always check your horses weight to ratio the feed amount according to the current working condition they are at.

After a while, thankfully, Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies were so kind as to start to sponsor Tofino for his feed ❤ ❤ . This however, does not alter this review in any way as I had purchased the feed myself for a number of months before the sponsorship.

Cavalos does offer a number of different Reverdy feed but the reason why we decided to try the Adult Specific Energy is because it is low in sugars & starch which I was looking for and it also is high in Omegas and has the right amount of vitamins, minerals, pro/pre-biotics needed without having to add additional supplements other than liquid Electrolytes (currently using Nobile Vet from Cavalos also).

IMG_3264  IMG_3258

Tofino is honestly the best he has ever been in a long time. We have tried Cavalor, Havens and Zabeel, yet none of them come close the quality and to how great he goes with the Reverdy. I feel like his energy levels are great, his body condition had greatly improved, his stool is normal and has a good appetite all due to the Reverdy Adult Specific Energy which precisely contains:

  • High levels of fats and oils, fibre and a small amount of slow releasing starch › energy sources selected with the aim of preventing tying up and gastric ulcers
  • Enriched in alfalfa (lucerne) › participates in neutralising gastric acidity
  • Anti-oxidant complex (organic Selenium, Vitamins E and protected vitamin C at reinforced levels, natural SOD) › protects and supports the muscle, the immune and the red blood cells
  • Reinforced levels of Vitamin B9 and B12 › favour the maturing of red blood cells
  • Lactic ferments › secure and optimise the working of the digestive flora
  • Salt (sodium chloride) › to help ensure a sufficient uptake of water and a correct fluid-electrolyte balance in the organism
  • Clays (kaolinite, bentonite) and essential fatty acids (Omegas 3 and 6) › form a protective film on the digestive mucosa against acid secretions
  • Reinforced levels of Magnesium › soothes nervous horses, favours muscle relaxation and supports immunity

Note: Adult Specific Energy suits my horse, but does not necessarily mean it would suit yours. With all feed, it is a trial and error with quantity and food type. P.S. Don’t forget to check out the 10 common horse feeding mistakes!

Passier Breastplate // FreeJump Stirrups // Thinline Half Pad // Cavalleria Toscana Saddle Pad //  Schockemoehle Overreach // Franco Tucci Boots // Cavalleria Toscana Show Shirt // HorZe Helmet ] 

Pros: Cons:
•   Top Quality

•  Low Sugar & Starch

•   High in Omegas, vitamins, minerals

•  Contains Pro/Pre-biotics

•   Contains Clays to protect digestive system

 Only need low quantity

•  No additional supplements needed

•   Pricey


Verdict: After being introduced to the Reverdy Adult Specific Feed I think there is no going back. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has to have their horse on a low starch diet, or if your horse has stomach issues. As I mentioned above, cutting down costs should not in any way interfere with your horses wellbeing. So even though it is pricey, it is worth it for sure.

Again, there are other Reverdy Feeds available at Cavalos so if you are interested, be sure to contact them at Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies,  009712-2222-433 or email them at ; they would be more than happy to assist you depending on your horses needs ❤

cavalos-uae-logo-500x480   logo-full

Roeckl Chester Grip Gloves [REVIEW]

I have used the Roeckl Chester Grip Gloves for about 3 months and I am really liking them thus far. I reviewed another pair of Roeckl gloves which were the Madrid Gloves, and I wasn’t too fond of them as they did not last.

The Chester Grip Gloves come in an array of colours:

Roeckl Glove range

They retail for around 160AED / 44US$. 

Sizes: 6 – 11
Backhand: ROECK-GRIP®
Palmhand: ROECK-GRIP®

The Roeckl Chester Glove combines grip technology with the latest in riding fashion. This classic glove is made from ROECK-GRIP, a very fine synthetic leather with an excellent grip, supple, breathable and elastic.  This glove fits like a second skin, giving you exactly what you need: a real feel of the reins.

Touch screen compatibility provides optimal convenience as you won’t have to remove your glove to use your smartphone. These slim and stylish gloves have textured palms for grip and VELCRO® brand back closures with subtle branding. Easy-care.

I got my gloves in the Charcoal colour, and in a size 7. The touchscreen compatibility is  surprisingly very responsive. I actually do have another pair in White which I only keep for dressage shows. They fit my hand really well and have a light feeling which I appreciate with the hot weather here. The classic look and simple detail make these gloves a timeless purchase.

IMG_1191  IMG_1192

They are flexible and have great solid grip, without compromising the feel. I personally favor short cuff gloves as they allow for more flexibility, which these gloves provide. I love the black piping with the grey. I find that it contrasts very well and matches anything you or your horse wear.

IMG_1374  IMG_1372

With time, the gloves did get looser and looser around the fingers. I am not sure why this is the case, it seems a bit strange. Even so, they are still functioning really well with no holes or deterioration in the material. The inner palm area seems to custom fit me still and is very well intact with again, no signs of deterioration.


Strings have been coming out of place but I just cut them off. No stitching has come apart yet, I think they were just loose from the beginning.


Note: I still did not try washing them. They may shrink back to normal size around the fingers if I do. I will keep you updated.

Pros: Cons:
•   Wide range of colours + sizes

•  Durable

•   Flexible

•  Great grip

•   Classic look

•   Light

•  Short cuff

•   Loose stitching

•   Stretches out (within 3 months without washing)


Verdict: I love them. I would definitely recommend a pair and you are bound to find the colour you like with the many options available. I know Roeckl does many different types of gloves; some last and some don’t, but these seem to hold up well.

Veredus Jumping Saddle Cloth [REVIEW]

I came across the Veredus saddle pad about a year ago and could not resist the urge to purchase; good buy that’s for sure 😉 !

They come in 5 different colours in the jumping style, and only white in the dressage style:



Veredus Jumping saddle cloth made from cotton and polyester with moisture wicking padding. Natural coloured Microfiber lining that is durable with a reinforced trim around the edge. The breathable padding guarantees better comfort, offers a shock-absorbing  effect and provides protective cushioning against the weight of the saddle.

I got the Navy colour with silver piping.  At first, because this pad has a velvety feel, I thought it may be too hot to use in our humid weather. However, it did prove me wrong as the breathability and moisture wicking factors mentioned by Veredus do truly work!

The pad has billet strap holders, preventing the saddle cloth from slipping. It is white on the inside, so dirt will show easily for dark coloured horses, but for my grey Tofino it’s a perfect disguise 😛 .

IMG_1215  IMG_1211

On the outside however, since it is a dark navy, any dust particles or white grey hairs show when the saddle pad is wet as they get attached. I noticed after I washed it the first time, whilst it was drying, it collected lint. I do use one of those pet rollers which does the trick pretty quick. That being said, whilst dry and in use I don’t have that issue. Only when wet/drying.

IMG_1210   IMG_1220

There is high wither and back clearance making it more comfortable for the horse (the saddle in the photo is actually pretty big in size and still fits well within the pad).  It does feel more cushiony too compared to regular cotton pads, therefore, I have been using it for schooling and it is surprisingly still holding up extremely well with no sign of wear, however, the inner side of the logo does have some loose strings hanging about, but nothing that a pair of scissors can’t fix 🙂


It has a logo on BOTH sides of the saddle pad, making it difficult to custom embroider it but the veredus logo looks really neat! I have used it for our training shows but the logo on both sides honestly disturbs the look for me personally. I did purchase a Cavalleria Toscana Saddle pad which i will probably be using for shows from now on, and keep this one specifically for schooling.

Franco Tucci Boots // FreeJump Stirrups // Thinline Half Pad ]

Pros: Cons:
  Multiple colour options

•  Moisture wicking + breathable

• Cushiony  / well padded

• Wither clearance

• Durable + Sturdy

• Velvet feel

• Billet strap

•   Logo on both sides

•  Attracts dust/ lint when wet

•  Loose strings


Verdict: I would definitely recommend the veredus pad as it not only feels soft, comfortable and luxurious, but also holds up really well. The moisture wicking and breathability is crucial for this part of the world. I never thought a saddle pad can make a difference, but it actually really did in the sense that Tofino doesn’t overheat on his back. I am really happy with this purchase and  would recommend it for sure.