I was approached by a company named HORSELY, from Australia, at the beginning of this year in order to do a review collaboration.

Firstly, their website, and items are absolutely adorable! They offer equestrian shirts, jewellery, pillow cases, bags, home decor, and of course, belts.

Their prices are very decent, with multiple colour options, and free worldwide shipping ❤

I was sent the following two belts:

Braided Belt Duo Stretch Fit -Blue White 

I chose this belt myself as I loved the subtle colour combo. It is stretchy, but measures to be

  • Length 110 cm
  • Width 3.3 cm

The detail is impeccable. I have not had any loose stitching or wear or tear yet and it has been two months so far.


Braided Belt Leather and Rope Duo – Brown Red

This belt comes in different size options and is NOT stretchy. It is made of German leather and wax rope. It is slightly wider coming in at 3.4cm which doesn’t make so much of a difference. I find it sits nicely on any pants without having to readjust as you do with the stretchy material, however, the quality of the ends didn’t feel as sturdy.

There is no contrast stitching it is simple and classic.


Definitely keeping an eye out for the black, grey, blue one 😉

Pros: Cons:
  Multiple size options (stretchy or choice)

•  Durable

•  Great quality and detail

•  Affordable

•  Comfortable

•  re-adjust stretchy ones once on the horse as breeches rise up

•  Stretchy ones should come in smaller version too

•  Quality of rope belt is inferior to stretchy belt

Verdict: I love these belts, I think for the price, you really get what you pay for and with the endless colour options and sizes you,re bound to find the style that suits you best. I like them both, but prefer the stretchy only because I felt that the quality was slightly more superior, even though it fits bigger on me.

Big thank you to HORSELY for sending these belts through! Please check them out and share with us your belts ❤

Cavalleria Toscana Competition [HAUL] ft. Cavalos

As many of you know, I am luckily sponsored by Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies for Reverdy Feed (Adult Specific brown bag), which both Tofino and I are absolutely loving 😍 !!

I was at their store this weekend and could not help but get, yet again, a few Cavalleria Toscana items 😭.  

  1. Cavalleria Toscana Technical Jumping Saddle Pad
  2. Cavalleria Toscana Cross Belt Elastic
  3. Cavalleria Toscana Riding Gloves


You can purchase these items and more at Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies. You can give them a call at 00971-50-476-4676 or email them at They are a super friendly team and always willing to assist you 😀

21 Equestrian Gift Ideas

I thought it may be useful to put together a list of items that one can get for a horse lover/owner.

Note: Links and shops provided below are only examples of items shown. There are multiple suppliers of the following gifts.

1. Monograms

Personally Preppy
Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 7.19.15 PM

2. Custom Saddle Pad

Trendy Horse Dubai

3. Equestrian Books

(you can check out my equine book collection post here for ideas)


4. Show Luggage Set

(boots, jacket, saddle, bridle, helmet)


5. Grooming Brush Set

il_570xN.615921647_33cm  il_570xN.661219063_gw6k


 6. Mini Product Sets

Ecolicious EquestrianIMG_4350

7. Head Collar/Halter


8. Custom Name Plate / Stall Sign


9. Riding Socks

Kingsland Equestrian IMG_4099

10. Engraved Jewelry

(necklace, bracelet, keychain, etc.)


11. Drawing/Painting of Your Horse

12. Photo-shoot Session


13. Custom Photo on Mug/Cup

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.30.13 PM

14. Custom Phone Case

15. Tack Store Gift Voucher

Online Tack shops/stores  +  UAE Tack shops/Stores


16. Horsey Attire

(hoodies, shirts, dresses, etc.)
Cavalleria Toscana from Cavalos UAE10433941_563955277058678_7587420636605012222_n

17. Equestrian Attire

(breeches, polos, belts, etc.)


18. Dressage Stock/Pin

19. Horse treats

DIY Horse TreatsIMG_1829

20. Custom Fly Veil

De La Coeur

21. Browband


ss_bro006browband-diamante-v_blu ss_bro350_diamantebrowband_ppl


Happy shopping 😀

ITEMS FOR SALE (chaps, breeches, gloves, belt, saddle pad, stirrups & draw reins)

Kindly contact me at for sales items

Note: For more sales items please visit the sales page here

Mint condition Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrup Irons
Colour: Black & Blue


Brand New TredStep: Pro Gaitors Half Chaps

Size: Calf (inches) 12 , height (inches ) 17
Colour: Black
PRICE: 550AED/$US150


Brand New Equiline Ladies Breeches
IT 38/ GB 6/ FR 32
Colour: Brown
PRICE: 670 AED / $US 182.5

IMG_1996 IMG_2002

Brand New Roeckl Sports Lona gloves
Size: 6.5
Colour: Navy with White Piping
PRICE: 185 AED / $US 50

sold gloves

New Dyon Fancy stitching square raised belt
Size: 90cm / 1″ wide
Colour: Brown
PRICE: 300 AED/ $US 81

 Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 12.52.48 PM

Brand new Schockemohle Sports Jumping Saddle Pad
Size: Full
Colour: Orange with Grey and Silver Piping
PRICE: 270 AED/ $US 73.5


New Jin Kinko Stirrup Irons
Size: One Size
Colour: Black & Silver
PRICE: 800 AED / $US 217.8


Brand new Prestige Italia Draw Reins
Size: Full
Colour: Tobacco Brown
PRICE:  670 AED / $US 183

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 5.35.33 PM


Equus Unlimited Tack HAUL

YAY received my package from Equus Unlimited Tack Shop this weekend. I was surprised the items fit into this small parcel:


1. Equine Couture Diamond Quilted Suede Belt with Diagonal Line: I got this belt to fit into my 2″ waist equine couture breeches.
Size: Small 2″ Wide
Colour: Black

photo 1-10

2. Equine Couture Brittni Knee Patch Breeches: I already have a black pair of these breeches and LOVE them. So i decided to order another colour too.
Size: 26 US
Colour: Lava Brown

photo 5-7
 photo 4-7 photo 1-8

3. Equine Couture Tynsley Knee Patch Breeches: I am so glad these fit and look perfectly!
Size: 26 US
Colour: Black


4. Ovation V-Style Half Moon Nickel Clincher: I have been looking for a brown and silver brow band that’s not too flashy for my boy and i am so glad i found this. Only disappointment is that it isn’t padded. I can’t wait to try it on Tofino though.
Size: Horse
Colour: Brown & Nickel

  photo 3-8
photo 4-6 photo 5-6

Now I initially ordered 3 equine couture breeches and not 2, however, one is still on back order which they only informed me in a note in the package. I was not too happy about it, but i don’t mind waiting.

Which of these products do you like the most?