Essential Items to Keeping Your Horse Crystal Clean (especially greys!)

Horses naturally love to roll and get themselves stained whether it be from grass, mud, sand, rubber etc,. Keeping a horse clean is not only for appearance benefits, but also makes a horse coat, main and tail easier to maintain, identify any new scruffs or skin problems, and also helps with blood circulation when it comes to brushing.

Having a grey horse, it is very difficult to maintain Tofino’s appearance, but nevertheless, these items below have helped me substantially:

  • Veredus Shampoo Sheen
  • Ecolicious Waterless Shampoo
  • Magic Brush
  • Oster Grooming Kit (any good quality grooming kit will do).

IMG_2093  IMG_1838

Veredus Shampoo Sheen: from eQuestri

“SHAMPOO SHEEN degreases, cleans and nourishes coats of all colours.
The special formula with “sheen effect” makes the coat and horsehair soft, bright and shiny.”


This alone is enough to have your horse sparkling 😍. I am obsessed with the smell and how amazingly it works! My all time favorite horse shampoo, especially for greys! For the full review and before/after pictures HERE.

Ecolicious Waterless Shampoo:

“When the weather doesn’t permit or you don’t have time for the deluxe bath treatment. It’s made with gentle Coconut-derived cleansers and Witch Hazel that are tough on dirt, but gentle on the skin. Plus we’ve added yummy skin and hair conditioning ingredients like Honey (bees swear by this one), Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to leave behind a soft, smooth and silky coat.

Tea Tree Essential Oil, known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, calms and protects even the most sensitive skin while the delightful scent of Sweet Orange Essential Oil keeps it smelling oh-so-nice.”


It works super quick and doesn’t dry out the coat whatsoever! I use it when Tofino has a stain or two. I also carry it with me to shows as he gets trailer stains also which clear up in seconds with this waterless shampoo 😀

Magic Brush:

“MagicBrush gets your horse perfectly clean! Thanks to its special bristles, dried sweat, mud and dirt can be removed easily. It reaches even narrow dents and can be used for grooming hooves; the sensitive heel bulbs and the coronary band are protected. Thanks to its special bristles, MagicBrush is easy on the joints and bones. MagicBrush is the perfect support during the change of coat and is the ideal tool for shampooing and can be used on any type of horse hair.”


Another must have for grooming! So easy to use (no pressure needed) and still gets the job done very well. For review and before/after pictures HERE.

Oster Grooming Kit:

“Complete 7-piece grooming kit contains all the tools needed for fast and easy grooming. Convenient and durable storage case keeps everything neat and organized.
  • Ergonomic grooming tools for grooming comfort
  • Contains: Stiff Grooming Brush Soft Finishing Brush Coarse Curry Comb Mane & Tail Brush Mane & Tail Comb Hoof Pick Storage Case”


Any good quality grooming kit will do to be honest. All you need are the brushes mentioned above that can last long.  I have tried other brands but the Oster seems to be tougher and durable so far.


Note: In order for your horse to have a natural shine, they have to have a well balanced healthy diet. Tofino is on Reverdy Feed from Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies and his coat has a natural soft shine from it.

Leovet: Bio-Skin Oil SkinCare [REVIEW]

Every summer, Tofino tends to get these rubs on his face where he loses his hair. I have tried coconut oil and it did seem to help but not fast enough. So I looked into commercial products and found the Leovet Bio-Skin Oil from Equestrian Solutions. It retails for 110AED/29.95USD, however I got it in their summer sale for 60AED/16.3USD.


Effective help for summer eczema Natural ingredients like marigold, carrot and St. John´s wort regenerate and restore damaged skin areas and stimulate hair growth on bald spots. A luxurious, long-lasting lotion that soothes bothersome itching and deters rubbing. Regenerates the skin.

There are no other ingredients listed either on the label or online unfortunately which I am not too fond of.

Day 1: Still pretty pink and looks raw. Again, I am not sure whether this is due to scratching or from the heat.

  IMG_9305  IMG_9377

Day 2: It is less pink and looks lighter which means there is minimal hair growth again.

IMG_9303  IMG_9439

Day 3: Improvement in the surface area affected and again, less pink and looks lighter, which means more hair growth.

IMG_9376  IMG_9337

Day 4: His hair already grown out and only slight pink flesh left. Great improvement!

IMG_9487  IMG_9486

Day 5: It is basically nearly completely healed by the 5th day!

IMG_9617   IMG_9768

This is a great product for horses suffering with certain skin conditions as it soothes and encourages skin/cell growth. The bottle is very generous and would last a very long time as a little goes a long way.

Do be careful though and do a sample test on your horse before applying generously. I myself had a reaction to my hand which i presume is from St. John´s wort.

Pros: Cons:
   Works very fast

•  Generous bottle

•  Spreads easily

•  Eliminates scratching

•  Grows hair fast

•   Pricey (but you can get it on sales)

•  No ingredients listed

•  May cause an allergy (always test first)

Verdict: I would definitely recommend this for anyone who’s horse has skin issues. It works surprisingly well and fast. As mentioned above, i had a skin reaction to the product and need to use with with gloves, but Tofino has no issue whatsoever.

A Healthy Gut: Pre-biotics vs Pro-Biotics

Even though they sound similar, pro-biotics and pro-biotics and completely different supplements. Here is a table explaining the differences:
(click to enlarge)

If your horse has access to forage, hay and good quality feed, then it is unnecessary to supplement them pre and pro-biotics. Many feed companies do incorporate live yeast within their ingredients, nonetheless, there are a number of situations where your horse can truly benefit from these supplements:

  • Antibiotic treatment
  • Deworming
  • Transport
  • Stressful situations (eg. new barn, stall rest..etc.)
  • Dietary changes
  • Competitions
  • Gastric Ulcers
  • Prone to / has a history of colic
  • Diarrhea
  • Old age (possibly)
  • Poor keepers (have trouble keeping on weight)

Note: Since pre and pro-biotics are NOT drugs, supplement productions  are not supervised or controlled. Therefore, there are some poor-quality products available in the market. 

There are a hand-full or companies that create a supplement that has both pro and pre-biotics together. Make sure to check the ingredients and the brands reputation before purchasing anything for your horse. The simpler the ingredients are, the better. You do not want to further disturb your horses gut with a number of ingredients even if they are natural. Just go straight for the pre/pro-biotics without other additives.

I have personally been using the Mervue Pro-Bio Forte which is composed of Fructo-oligosaccharides (pre-biotic) and Yeast (pro-biotic) as well as vitamins. I got it from City Knights in Shajrah Equestrian Club. I only began using this during Tofino’s diarrhea, and I am still continuing on it for about 1 more month to be safe. He is currently going on well with no gut disturbances. Thankfully! 😀

pro-bio-forte FullSizeRender-1


Tough-1 Sure Measure Tape REVIEW

Keeping a measuring tape at the barn is a necessity in order to identify:

  1. Height
  2. Weight: for maintenance + medications + pastes
  3. Rug sizes
  4. Body conditioning ratings

I came across the Tough-1 Sure Measure Tape from eQuestri a while back and I am glad that I got my hands on it as it is so much easier to use than normal measuring tape or string.


Want to know your horses approximate weight and height? This height and weight tape for horses and ponies will enable you to make very close estimates of your animals size. Constructed with unbreakable vinyl-coated nylon. Measures in both hand and centimeters, as well as in pounds and kilos. Measures up to 20 hands and 1,400 pounds.

The Tough-1 Sure Measure Tape is made with vinyl coated nylon which makes it unbreakable. It has a quick grip velcro closure for easy roll up and compactness.

On one side, it estimates the horses weight in both pounds (lb) and kilograms (kg) for horses up to 634kg/1398lb. It also has some instructions on how to use the tape for the different measurements you may be looking for.

IMG_6754 IMG_6748 IMG_6747

On the other side, the tape has measurements for the height in both hands (hh) and centimeters (cm) for horses up to 20hh/200cm, and also written instructions

 IMG_6746 IMG_6749

The tape does give you enough instructions to work with; but if you find yourself confused or stuck trying to take the weight of your horse, you can always take a look at the video in my de-worming post which shows you how to weigh your horse using a tape.

   Instructions on tape

•   Soft, no noises to spook horses

•   Compact: folds with velcro closure

•   Measures Height + Weight

•   Unbreakable 

•   Water-resistent

•  Measures in UK + US units

•  Measures up to 20hh + 634kg

•   Begins cm measurement from 20, not 0

Verdict: I would definitely recommend this product. It is a must have for every horse owner/leaser!