Importance/Benefits of Grooming your Horse

Grooming your horse not only allows them to be clean, but also allows you to better understand their personality and behaviour.

I have an essentials to keeping your horse clean post written a while back which may help you if you wish to have a sparkly pony!

Naturally in the wild, horses groom each other. Domesticated horses that don’t have that option specifically need more attention in that sense. Horses are social animals and love the contact.

Here are some dot points as to why grooming is beneficial:

  • Increase blood flow around your horses body
  • Increase the bond between you and your horse
  • Helps to decrease skin conditions
  • Helps you to notice any changes in your horses body or any injuries
  • Increases your horses comfort
  • Remove sweat stains
  • Your horse looks great after
  • Great exercises for you!

Grooming doesn’t take so long on a daily basis, but I would recommend at least once a week to treat your horse to a “spa day” and really take your time with them.

Make sure you always brush your horse after they are dry from a ride in order to avoid sweat stains that allow their coat to clump up.

Here is a video of how to groom your horse if you are not sure what steps to take:

Hope this helps ūüôā

GIVEAWAY! ft. EcoLicious Equestrian

A while back I reviewed a de-tangler for the mane and tail from Ecolicous Equestrian, called De-stress¬†which I absolutely love!¬†They were kind enough to send me a free full size bottle for a giveaway for you guys ūüė欆;¬†SO I decide to do an end of year Giveaway ūüôā

It promotes overall scalp health and, along with Rosemary Extract, aids in growth of healthy manes and tails. The cocktail of Certified Organic Hemp Oil, Coconut, Apricot, Wheat Germ and Olive Oil – full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids -“feeds” the moisture starved scalp and tresses. Tea Tree Essential Oil is known to prevent dandruff and Sunflower Extract protects against UV damage. You’ve gotta see the stunning results for yourself!


1. Follow both instagram accounts: @TofinoTack and @EcoLiciousEquestrian

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3.¬†Post a picture on Instagram of your horse’s mane or tail and hashtag #TofinoTackEE (If you don‚Äôt have an instagram or your account is private, you can simply email me: (

Competition ends in a week (Friday 25 December 2015) and is OPEN TO ALL (national & International)

Good luck! and thanks again to EcoLicious Equestrian¬†ūüėÄ

Veredus Shampoo Sheen GIVEAWAY! ft. eQuestri

Hi everyone!

Firstly, thank you so much for the amazing page hits that just keep growing <3.  Secondly, I am very excited to announce that eQuestri and I have teamed up to giveaway a bottle Veredus Shampoo Sheen that is reviewed here (with before/after pics) and also featured in my essentials to keeping your horse clean.


veredus shampoo sheen

eQuestri is an online equestrian community and tack shop that offers a diverse range of products and services, at different prices levels to meet your individual equestrian requirements.  eQuestri’s online community is a great resource for information about equestrian services and horse riding in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates.


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Competition ends in a week (Thursday 10 Novemeber 2015) and is OPEN TO UAE ONLY (sorry).

Good luck! ūüėÄ

Essential Items to Keeping Your Horse Crystal Clean (especially greys!)

Horses naturally love to roll and get themselves stained whether it be from grass, mud, sand, rubber etc,. Keeping a horse clean is not only for appearance benefits, but also makes a horse coat, main and tail easier to maintain, identify any new scruffs or skin problems, and also helps with blood circulation when it comes to brushing.

Having a grey horse, it is very difficult to maintain Tofino’s appearance, but nevertheless, these items below have helped me¬†substantially:

  • Veredus Shampoo Sheen
  • Ecolicious Waterless Shampoo
  • Magic Brush
  • Oster Grooming Kit (any good quality grooming kit will do).

IMG_2093  IMG_1838

Veredus Shampoo Sheen: from eQuestri

“SHAMPOO SHEEN degreases, cleans and nourishes coats of all colours.
The special formula with ‚Äúsheen effect‚ÄĚ makes the coat and horsehair soft, bright and shiny.”


This alone is enough to have your horse sparkling¬†ūüėć. I am obsessed with the smell and how amazingly it works! My all time favorite horse shampoo, especially for greys! For the full¬†review and before/after pictures HERE.

Ecolicious Waterless Shampoo:

“When the weather doesn’t permit or you don’t have time for the deluxe bath treatment.¬†It’s made with gentle Coconut-derived cleansers and Witch Hazel that are tough on dirt, but gentle on the skin. Plus we’ve added yummy skin and hair conditioning ingredients like Honey (bees swear by this one), Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to leave behind a soft, smooth and silky coat.

Tea Tree Essential Oil, known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, calms and protects even the most sensitive skin while the delightful scent of Sweet Orange Essential Oil keeps it smelling oh-so-nice.”


It works super quick and doesn’t dry out the coat whatsoever! I use it when Tofino has a stain or two. I also carry it with me to shows as he gets trailer stains also¬†which clear up in seconds with this waterless shampoo ūüėÄ

Magic Brush:

“MagicBrush¬†gets your horse¬†perfectly clean! Thanks to its special bristles, dried sweat, mud and dirt can be¬†removed easily. It¬†reaches even¬†narrow dents¬†and can be used for¬†grooming hooves; the sensitive¬†heel bulbs and the¬†coronary band¬†are protected. Thanks to its special bristles, MagicBrush is¬†easy on the joints and bones. MagicBrush is the perfect support during the¬†change of coat¬†and is the ideal tool for¬†shampooing¬†and¬†can be used on¬†any type of horse hair.”


Another must have for grooming! So easy to use (no pressure needed) and still gets the job done very well. For review and before/after pictures HERE.

Oster Grooming Kit:

“Complete 7-piece grooming kit contains all the tools needed for fast and easy grooming. Convenient and durable storage case keeps everything neat and organized.
  • Ergonomic grooming tools for grooming comfort
  • Contains: Stiff Grooming Brush Soft Finishing Brush Coarse Curry Comb Mane & Tail Brush Mane & Tail Comb Hoof Pick Storage Case”


Any good quality grooming kit will do to be honest. All you need are the brushes mentioned above that can last long.  I have tried other brands but the Oster seems to be tougher and durable so far.


Note: In order for your horse to have a natural shine, they have to have a well balanced healthy diet. Tofino is on Reverdy Feed from Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies and his coat has a natural soft shine from it.

Equine Book Collection TOUR

Being around horses, you do learn a lot, nonetheless, books offer a more advanced knowledge on a number of topics. I have a collection of 17 horse related books, which I have either brought, or was gifted. I thought it may be time to do a collection and overview of the books, hopefully, giving you an idea of which book would be suitable for a specific subject you are interested in.


As mentioned above, some I brought myself, and some were gifted, therefore, I cannot list the store they were brought in, thus, I will link them all to Amazon, however, you will find a number of them in Kinokuniya (Dubai Mall), and Borders (City Center), and maybe even Virgin Megastore.

I will separate the books into 3 sections:

  1. Books for current horse owners/leasers
  2. Books for beginners/new comers to the equestrian world
  3. Other

Books for Current Horse Owners/Leasers:

1. Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners: A comprehensive manual of horse medicine and surgery, this book explains the symptoms and treatment of every disease or injury that the horse owner is likely to encounter. Written in a straightforward manner that will appeal to both novices and experts, the book contains detailed sections on the organ systems, the musculoskeletal system, the reproductive system, infectious diseases, medical and surgical advances, management and husbandry, exercise physiology, the purchase of horses, legal and medical certification, and on the veterinary service itself. There are sections, too, on nutrition, determination of age, proprietary medicines, prohibited substances and notifiable diseases, and this latest revised edition has entirely new illustrations and photographs.

2. The Secrets and Methods of a Great Champion:¬†A new approach to equitation through a quest for harmony and complicity with the horse. Michel devotes most of his book to the rider s mental preparation: attitudes, behaviour, the way one acts and thinks… moving beyond technique with a positive and open mind. A process that favours being honest with oneself, with others and with horses. In this spirit, explore his method based on using wide-angle vision: The physical preparation of both horse and rider, Preparing to jump by working on the flat: having the horse on the bit, a straight horse, one that bends, flying changes, reining back… Working over fences with the approach, the strides… Ideas for training exercises, And his precious advice for being at one s best one competing, both mentally and physically.

¬†3. FEET FIRST: Barefoot Performance and Hoof Rehabilitation:¬†This ground-breaking book explores the issues surrounding barefoot horses in the UK and looks in detail at how to improve overall hoof health, in both shod and barefoot horses. The book offers a practical, hands-on advice on achieving barefoot performance in a variety of disciplines – from eventing and hunting to endurance – focussing on the essential elements for healthy hooves: diet, environment, exercise and trimming or shoeing. In addition, the book has step-by step advice on rehabilitating problem hooves with case studies of horses with a range of issues, from navicular or tendon damage to metabolic disorders like laminitis and insulin resistance. The authors have successfully ridden and competed their own horses barefoot for many years and have helped many hundreds of their clients’ horses work successfully without shoes.


¬†4. Groundwork Training for Your Horse:¬†Designed to help develop a bond between the horse and the trainer which leads to greater trust and the ability to get the most from the relationship. This book includes step-by-step guides on how to improve the horse’s suppleness obedience and education from the groundwork level. It teaches the trainer how to tune in to the subtle body language of the horse and communicate with it in a much clearer way. It also contains techniques developed and applied by top trainers and equine behaviourists.


 5. First Aid for Horses: How to Cope with Injury and Illness: All common ailments and accidents are covered in a quick-to-reference format with profuse illustrations and clear advice on how to cope and when to call the vet. Written by a leading veterinary surgeon and regular contributor to Horse & Hound this is the essential emergency handbook for every horse owner.


¬†6. The Fearless Horse: Bridging the gap between natural horsemanship and competitive riding, this book offers an effective training programme for all riders, especially those who want to compete and succeed, for creating a calm, gentle and happy horse whatever the situation. It shows how to use the horse’s natural behavioural instincts to train with respect and kindness, and resolves stage-fright in an otherwise talented horse, and makes riding safer by ‘spookbusting’ your horse.


 7. Complete Horse Care Manual: Comprehensive, fully illustrated and up-to-date, Complete Horse Care Manual is a thoroughbred guide to horse care. An excellent working relationship with your horse is based on understanding and communication. These lie at the heart of this practical guide. From day-to-day upkeep, stabling, and grooming, to nursing a sick horse and first-aid techniques, this accessible handbook will appeal to all horse lovers. With over 650 specially commissioned photographs and diagrams, step-by-step sequences tell you all you need to know about caring for your horse. A detailed guide to ailments allows you to recognize common problems and deal with them efficiently. Practical suggestions for daily, monthly, and annual routines will ensure you keep your horse healthy and comfortable throughout the year.


¬†8. What Is My Horse Thinking?¬†The Essential Guide to Understanding Your Horse:¬†Why does your horse try to bite you when you saddle up? Why does he take off the moment your seat hits the saddle? When your beautiful animal bucks suddenly or gallops wildly, curls his lip or shakes his head–understand the reasons why and how to provide the practical care he needs! Get into the equine mind with the help of a horse therapist who was also the award-winning editor of a bestselling equestrian magazine. Whether your horse is in the field or barn; training, riding, or traveling; or even feeling ill, you’ll feel confident interpreting every aspect of his behavior and motivations. The many fabulous color photographs vividly reveal horses’ expressions close up, and show them socializing, raising their foals, “asking” you to stand still, reacting to their surroundings and company, and more.


 Books for Beginners/New comers into the Equestrian World:

9. Guide to Caring for Your Horse:¬†Covering every aspect of horse care from grooming, exercise and routine maintenance to selecting riding gear and finding the right housing for your horse — KISS Guide to Horses is packed with insider’s tips on equine health and first aid, as well as advice on how to tackle training and competition.


¬†10. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Horse breeds & Horse Care:¬†This indispensable book brings together in one volume a comprehensive reference to the world‚Äôs main horse breeds and a practical care guide for all horse and pony owners. The first half of the book introduces a round-up of horses and ponies from all over the world, offering a visually stunning guide to the main breeds. The second part of the book opens with advice on buying, bearing in mind riding ability, time available for care and exercise and, most importantly, what activity you hope to pursue‚ÄĒshowing, dressage, driving or just riding for fun. In the following chapters, you‚Äôll find expert advice on:¬†Different systems for keeping a horse; all aspects of stable management; bedding, feeding, and watering information; necessary exercise; grooming, including braiding, clipping, shoeing and tack; health and basic first aid; and more!


 11. The Horse Riding & Care Handbook: The Horse Riding & Care Handbook is filled with advice and information that will be of use and interest to both the novice enthusiast and the experienced rider. Beginning riders will learn what equipment is necessary for both the horse (bridles, bits, and saddles) and rider (hats, gloves, and boots), and what to look for in a riding school and riding instructor. Intermediate riders will learn how to move from the confines of the school into open-country riding (hills, riding through water, long-distance riding, and handling falls). For the most advanced rider, there is thorough information on competitive riding, including dressage, show jumping, eventing, and endurance riding.


¬†12. Riding from Scratch:¬†A riding book for the beginner who wants to learn to ride. The author explains why novice riders should take pains to learn properly, introduces the horse as an animal rather than a machine, examines basic handling and saddelry and discusses the key principles and techniques of riding. This is the first in the “Rider Guides” series, which is intended to be a practical aid for all riders, whatever their standard. Each book concentrates on training the rider and on giving practical assistance to the rider who may be riding a variety of horses.


 13. Horse Saddlery & Tack: This handy guide provides a comprehensive reference to tack and horse clothing, and considers general and specialized pieces of equipment in all areas of horsemanship for riders at all levels.

14. Horses (DK handbooks): The Dorling Kindersley Handbooks are the most visually appealing guides on the natural world in the book marketplace. Featuring more than 500 full-color illustrations and photographs, along with detailed annotations, Dorling Kindersley Handbooks make identification easy and accurate.



15. Leading with a Little Bit More Feeling: The booklet shows a whole variety of bits, stirrups, and spurs which have one thing in common: they are made of the finest materials available and were all designed to give the best possible feeling and comfort for both horse and rider. Leading with feeling.


16. Quality Horsefeeds by Reverdy: Besides presenting Reverdy feed range, you will find information on the physiology of the horse, and the nutriments essential for covering their needs. 


17. Drinkers of the Wind-The Arabian Horse: The almost spiritual relationship between the Arab and his horse and the long-standing fascination the world over for this purest-bred of all animals who serve humanity lie at the core of this work. Tracing the history of the Arabian (or Arab) horse from before the time of King Solomon to the present day, the text by Peter Upton Рauthor, artist and internationally recognized expert on the subject Рexplains the true origins of the breed and its role in Arab history. At the heart of the book are photographs of the horses themselves, arranged by geographical area. A comprehensive list of Arab horse organizations, registries and societies and a glossary of Arabic terms are included.


Veredus BioCare: Shampoo Sheen, Super Sheen, & Easy White REVIEW ft. eQuestri

I was lucky enough to meet with Jacky, the owner and creator of eQuestri, at the beginning of the year. She did contact me when my page was rather new and encouraged me to keep going with it and continue. I am so glad to hear that people really do read my posts, thank you!

She visited Tofino and I at the stables, and was kind enough to give us some products from the Veredus BioCare Line to review, which included the following:

IMG_4027  IMG_4025

DISCLAIMER: Receiving these products from eQuestri in no way alters my opinion on them. This is a true and honest review. 


veredus shampoo sheen

I have used many shampoos that claim to make your horse’s coat softer, brighter, shiny etc. But I haven’t come across one that genuinely does it all except for this Shampoo Sheen! Even though it does not include any antiseptic or a scent that drives flies away which a lot of shampoos nowadays do, I was surprised with the results as you can see below:



Tofino is mostly clipped, so, it is always hard to to get some shine onto his short coat. You can see from the image below that his unclipped saddle area and even his body is glowing and not to mention super soft and smells really good!


The Shampoo Sheen comes in a 500ml bottle which is very decent as you do not need too much in your bucket. The packaging is very straight forward except for the fact that it does not include the ingredients within the shampoo, and nor does it include an expiration date.



  • Affordable
  • Cleans amazingly! (even stains)
  • Smells good
  • Adds shine & brightness to the coat
  • Softens
  • No need for conditioner
  • Leaves horse¬†smelling good
  • Good size (also comes¬†in 3000ml too)


  • No antiseptic/antibacterial
  • No ingredients¬†listed
  • No expiration date listed

Verdict:This shampoo surprised me with how good it cleaned and made Tofino so soft! I love that it’s a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner. HOWEVER, I like to use shampoos with natural antiseptics since it can clean any small cuts gone unseen and is also a preventative, THEREFORE, I would use this for shows, in order to make him look like a star! I would¬†definitely¬†recommend¬†this purchase ūüôā !!




I used this on Tofino’s tail as yo can see below, and I felt like it did not add a drastic amount of shine. It did however, detangle his tail very quickly and is such an easy application as it is a spray bottle.

                          Before                                                              After
IMG_4029  IMG_4031

Post application, his tail was tangle free, nonetheless, it felt very sticky and somewhat rough. This could be due to the fact that it creates a protective layer on the surface of the hair to repel water, dust, bedding etc, which it really did! I was surprised by this factor. With that being said, the repelling did not last 15 days, more like 5 days which is still pretty good especially for 3 day competitions.

The packaging is a straight forward spray bottle with the product name and directions. It does not include expiration date, and nor does it include the ingredients which i found to be rather fishy. The spray does smell strong, as in chemical strong which does worry me!

IMG_4035  IMG_4036


  • Detangles
  • Lasts around 5¬†days
  • Efficient (less tail maintenance)
  • Repels dirt, ¬†dust, shavings etc.
  • Waterproof
  • Easy application
  • Smells good


  • Doesn’t add shine
  • Tail feels rough
  • Doesn’t last 15 days (as advertised)
  • No ingredients¬†listed
  • No expiration date listed

Verdict:¬† The detangling lasts a a number of days, HOWEVER, it leaves the tail feels rough and doesn’t have fine, THEREFORE, I use it with the Ecolicious De-Stress Treatment to balance it out and make it shiny and soft.¬†



veredus easy white

I used this on a minor manure stain on Tofino’s body and it worked as expected. I sprayed it on the area, waited for about 15 seconds and wiped it with a sponge. I must admit that it smelt very strong (detergent), and¬†the area did feel rough after using Easy White. I do believe this is due to the Hydrogren Peroxide as it is used as a detergent, but, it is known to dry out hair.

                 Before                                                 After
IMG_4672  IMG_4675

Moreover, I am not sure why Veredus does not write the full ingredients or expiration date on their products. Consumers have a right to know what their items consist of.

IMG_4087  IMG_4089


  • Affordable
  • Removes stains
  • Doesn’t need water
  • Works fast


  • Strong smell
  • Contains Hydrogren Peroxide (drying detergent)
  • No ingredients listed
  • No expiration date listed

Verdict: I personally would not purchase this product as I believe there are other products out there that can do just as good of a job, without the harsh scent or the coat drying factor.

I would like to thank eQuestri greatly once again for sending through these products! This is just my personal opinion and experience with them, thus, your horse may react differently, so please do not hesitate to visit their website at: if you wish to purchase from the Veredus Biocare Care line ūüôā !!