Leovet: Bio-Skin Oil SkinCare [REVIEW]

Every summer, Tofino tends to get these rubs on his face where he loses his hair. I have tried coconut oil and it did seem to help but not fast enough. So I looked into commercial products and found the Leovet Bio-Skin Oil from Equestrian Solutions. It retails for 110AED/29.95USD, however I got it in their summer sale for 60AED/16.3USD.


Effective help for summer eczema Natural ingredients like marigold, carrot and St. John´s wort regenerate and restore damaged skin areas and stimulate hair growth on bald spots. A luxurious, long-lasting lotion that soothes bothersome itching and deters rubbing. Regenerates the skin.

There are no other ingredients listed either on the label or online unfortunately which I am not too fond of.

Day 1: Still pretty pink and looks raw. Again, I am not sure whether this is due to scratching or from the heat.

  IMG_9305  IMG_9377

Day 2: It is less pink and looks lighter which means there is minimal hair growth again.

IMG_9303  IMG_9439

Day 3: Improvement in the surface area affected and again, less pink and looks lighter, which means more hair growth.

IMG_9376  IMG_9337

Day 4: His hair already grown out and only slight pink flesh left. Great improvement!

IMG_9487  IMG_9486

Day 5: It is basically nearly completely healed by the 5th day!

IMG_9617   IMG_9768

This is a great product for horses suffering with certain skin conditions as it soothes and encourages skin/cell growth. The bottle is very generous and would last a very long time as a little goes a long way.

Do be careful though and do a sample test on your horse before applying generously. I myself had a reaction to my hand which i presume is from St. John´s wort.

Pros: Cons:
   Works very fast

•  Generous bottle

•  Spreads easily

•  Eliminates scratching

•  Grows hair fast

•   Pricey (but you can get it on sales)

•  No ingredients listed

•  May cause an allergy (always test first)

Verdict: I would definitely recommend this for anyone who’s horse has skin issues. It works surprisingly well and fast. As mentioned above, i had a skin reaction to the product and need to use with with gloves, but Tofino has no issue whatsoever.

Equine Osteopathy, Stretches & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to my followers! Thank you so much for your support ❤ It goes without saying that I have gotten this far in my blog due to the number of hits I get on it, which keeps me motivated to continue and do more for you 🙂 Thanks again!!

For the first post this year, as promised on my instagram (@TofinoDuLys), I mentioned that I will upload a post on Equine Osteopathy, and here it finally is!

Osteopathy differs from physiotherapy (musculoskeletal) and a chiropracty (structural). Osteopathy uses both physical techniques and structural alterations to remove tension and restrictions to the whole body.

Just like regular athletes, horses also need to be looked after in terms of their muscles and structure.


A couple of months ago, the well known Equine Osteopath, Herve Baldassari, came to the UAE to work on some horses. Herve works as part of EquiCare, which is based in France. So we were very lucky to have him come to the UAE, and hopefully, with more visits to come in the future as any form of physical treatment, whether for human or horse, always needs a followup.

Tofino has had a number of osteopaths take a look at him but I never found it super beneficial, until Herve Baldassari came along. He dedicates a full 45 minutes to each horse and checks them head to toe which i was super pleased about! He is able to diagnose your horse of issues from tummy aches to stifle problems.

Benefits of Osteopathy:

  • Improves performance
  • Improves flexibility (increase range of motion)
  • Improves behavior (kicking, bucking etc.)
  • Improves horses wellbeing
  • Reduces pain
  • Relieves tension
  • Maintains mobility
  • Assists in rehabilitation
  • Diagnoses troubled areas

IMG_2506 IMG_2508 IMG_2513

Here is a quick video for an insight of an osteopathy session (watch in HD):

Generally, horses are very relaxed by the end of the session as they can feel the tension being relieved. They will most likely be sore after and require 2-3 days loose work before getting back to your usual activities. This however, varies between horses as some may be able to get back to work straight away, while others may need to be off for 2 weeks. Your osteopath will provide you with specific exercises that you will need to commit to in order to help your horse as much as possible after the session.

In my experience, the more frequently your horse sees an osteopath, the healthier and stronger they become as athletes. With that being said, make sure your osteopath is qualified and takes his time with your horse, as it can do irreversible damage if done incorrectly. If you cannot afford to pay for an Equine Osteopath, perhaps ask them beforehand and hopefully they can make a deal with you of some sort.

You can also take a look at some stretches you can do  in order to help your horse keep loose. I would suggest doing this whether your horse sees an osteopath or not:

Whether they are simply school horses or hardcore competition horses, I believe it is necessary to get them done/checked at least twice a year.

Keeping Up With Your Horse’s Health

I am not sure whether a lot of horse owners do this or not, but I personally find it extremely helpful to keep a folder dedicated to Tofino.

The folder has a number of separators where I keep the following:

  • Tofino’s passport
  • Tofino’s journal
  • Bills (livery/boarding, vet, farrier, vaccinations, etc.)
  • A pen (always handy to fill in your journal)

IMG_3914  IMG_3915


I use a classic composition journal to fill in the following details:

  • Farrier dates
  • Deworming dates
  • Dentist dates
  • Vaccination dates
  • Lesson dates (i don’t do this anymore)

IMG_3919  IMG_3918


What you can also do, is get one of those 4-5 Subject notebooks and place each category within the dividers. I like to see everything at once, but that is always a second option if you like.


I would also suggest to place reminders on your phone for repetitive dates. For example, I have Tofino’s Teeth to be checked set every 8 months. Normal dentist visits should be every 6 months, but since he is 14, he is alright with every 8 months.

You can also note down lessons, vaccination, farrier visits and deworming too in your phone calendar to remember.


I hope this helps you keep track of your horses health. It makes it so much easier when you have everything written down instead of trying to remember.