Veredus BioCare: Shampoo Sheen, Super Sheen, & Easy White REVIEW ft. eQuestri

I was lucky enough to meet with Jacky, the owner and creator of eQuestri, at the beginning of the year. She did contact me when my page was rather new and encouraged me to keep going with it and continue. I am so glad to hear that people really do read my posts, thank you!

She visited Tofino and I at the stables, and was kind enough to give us some products from the Veredus BioCare Line to review, which included the following:

IMG_4027  IMG_4025

DISCLAIMER: Receiving these products from eQuestri in no way alters my opinion on them. This is a true and honest review. 


veredus shampoo sheen

I have used many shampoos that claim to make your horse’s coat softer, brighter, shiny etc. But I haven’t come across one that genuinely does it all except for this Shampoo Sheen! Even though it does not include any antiseptic or a scent that drives flies away which a lot of shampoos nowadays do, I was surprised with the results as you can see below:



Tofino is mostly clipped, so, it is always hard to to get some shine onto his short coat. You can see from the image below that his unclipped saddle area and even his body is glowing and not to mention super soft and smells really good!


The Shampoo Sheen comes in a 500ml bottle which is very decent as you do not need too much in your bucket. The packaging is very straight forward except for the fact that it does not include the ingredients within the shampoo, and nor does it include an expiration date.



  • Affordable
  • Cleans amazingly! (even stains)
  • Smells good
  • Adds shine & brightness to the coat
  • Softens
  • No need for conditioner
  • Leaves horse smelling good
  • Good size (also comes in 3000ml too)


  • No antiseptic/antibacterial
  • No ingredients listed
  • No expiration date listed

Verdict:This shampoo surprised me with how good it cleaned and made Tofino so soft! I love that it’s a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner. HOWEVER, I like to use shampoos with natural antiseptics since it can clean any small cuts gone unseen and is also a preventative, THEREFORE, I would use this for shows, in order to make him look like a star! I would definitely recommend this purchase 🙂 !!




I used this on Tofino’s tail as yo can see below, and I felt like it did not add a drastic amount of shine. It did however, detangle his tail very quickly and is such an easy application as it is a spray bottle.

                          Before                                                              After
IMG_4029  IMG_4031

Post application, his tail was tangle free, nonetheless, it felt very sticky and somewhat rough. This could be due to the fact that it creates a protective layer on the surface of the hair to repel water, dust, bedding etc, which it really did! I was surprised by this factor. With that being said, the repelling did not last 15 days, more like 5 days which is still pretty good especially for 3 day competitions.

The packaging is a straight forward spray bottle with the product name and directions. It does not include expiration date, and nor does it include the ingredients which i found to be rather fishy. The spray does smell strong, as in chemical strong which does worry me!

IMG_4035  IMG_4036


  • Detangles
  • Lasts around 5 days
  • Efficient (less tail maintenance)
  • Repels dirt,  dust, shavings etc.
  • Waterproof
  • Easy application
  • Smells good


  • Doesn’t add shine
  • Tail feels rough
  • Doesn’t last 15 days (as advertised)
  • No ingredients listed
  • No expiration date listed

Verdict:  The detangling lasts a a number of days, HOWEVER, it leaves the tail feels rough and doesn’t have fine, THEREFORE, I use it with the Ecolicious De-Stress Treatment to balance it out and make it shiny and soft. 



veredus easy white

I used this on a minor manure stain on Tofino’s body and it worked as expected. I sprayed it on the area, waited for about 15 seconds and wiped it with a sponge. I must admit that it smelt very strong (detergent), and the area did feel rough after using Easy White. I do believe this is due to the Hydrogren Peroxide as it is used as a detergent, but, it is known to dry out hair.

                 Before                                                 After
IMG_4672  IMG_4675

Moreover, I am not sure why Veredus does not write the full ingredients or expiration date on their products. Consumers have a right to know what their items consist of.

IMG_4087  IMG_4089


  • Affordable
  • Removes stains
  • Doesn’t need water
  • Works fast


  • Strong smell
  • Contains Hydrogren Peroxide (drying detergent)
  • No ingredients listed
  • No expiration date listed

Verdict: I personally would not purchase this product as I believe there are other products out there that can do just as good of a job, without the harsh scent or the coat drying factor.

I would like to thank eQuestri greatly once again for sending through these products! This is just my personal opinion and experience with them, thus, your horse may react differently, so please do not hesitate to visit their website at: if you wish to purchase from the Veredus Biocare Care line 🙂 !!

Bathing Bucket TOUR!

Bathing a horse is necessary to not only keep them clean, but to prevent some skin conditions too, especially in the summer months. So i decided to do a tour for you guys to view what i have inside my bathing bucket for Tofino.

Note that it is not necessary to bathe your horse everyday or even every week, but when necessary.

My bathing bucket consists of the following:

1. Ace Hardware Bucket
2. Sweat Scraper
3. Ecolicious Squeaky Green Shampoo
4. Ecolicious Silky Conditioner
5. Currycomb hand mitt (after applying shampoo)
6. Brush Sponge (which i use to apply shampoo)
7. Sponge

photo 2-8 photo 3-7


EcoLicious Equestrian HAUL

Yes! My EcoLicious Equestrian products I ordered have arrived and I am ecstatic to try them out 😀

photo 1-6  photo 2-7

For those of you who have not heard of these products before, they are:

Natural Horse Care & Grooming Products that Perform

~ 100% Free of Nasty Chemicals, Silicones & Parabens.
~ Made with Natural and Organic GMO Free Ingredients
~ Biodegradable & Earth Friendly.
~ Sourced from Renewable Resources.
~ Packaged in 100% recycled bottles.

Note: they currently only ship to North America, i used Aramex shop and ship to get it delivered here in Dubai which took about 2 weeks.

I only use natural products on myself and try to for Tofino. When I discovered Ecolicious I was really interested in finding out more. I researched the brand and there was a lot of positive feedback. You can not only use the shampoo, conditioner and de-stress treatment for your horse, but also for yourself, yay!

Here is what I ordered (click image to enlarge):

1. LEAVE ME BE: All Natural Equine Body Spray: Which is a fly spray with UV protection, cooling and healing effects.

photo 4-5

2. SQUEAKY GREEN & CLEAN Shampoo: “It moisturizes, soothes, nourishes and adds gloss. Silk Powder derived from pure Silk Worm Cocoon restores natural luminosity and softness to your horse’s coat.”

photo 3-7

3. SILKY Rinse Out Moisturizing Conditioner for Coat, Mane & Tail: ” It moisturizes and conditions the coat and helps detangle and soften dry, damaged manes and tails.Silk Powder derived from a pure Silk Worm Cocoon helps restore natural luminosity and gives your horse’s coat the ultimate ooh-sooo-silky-to-die-for feeling.”

photo 2-8

4. SQUEAKY GREEN & CLEAN WATERLESS Deep Cleaning Shampoo: “When the weather doesn’t permit or you don’t have time for the deluxe bath treatment, bring on the waterless version of our wildly popular Green & Squeaky Clean Deep Cleansing & Conditioning Shampoo.”

photo 1-7

5. SMEG-U-LATER All-Natural Sheath Cleaner: “Coconut-derived cleansers and soothing Honeysuckle Extract to make sure our precious geldings and stud muffins don’t get irritated down there. We’ve also added essential oil of Lavender known for its calming properties… it can be used for other delicate areas such as nostrils and around the eye.”

photo 5-5

6: DE-STRESS Intensive Restructuring & Detangling Treatment: “It promotes overall scalp health and, along with Rosemary Extract, aids in growth of healthy manes and tails. The cocktail of Certified Organic Hemp Oil, Coconut, Apricot, Wheat Germ and Olive Oil – full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids -“feeds” the moisture starved scalp and tresses. Tea Tree Essential Oil is known to prevent dandruff and Sunflower Extract protects against UV damage.”

photo 4-6

7. COMFORT ME Soothing & Healing Balm: “Natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal botanicals Myrrh, Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils that aid in healing of cuts, scrapes and minor skin infections; and help treat skin suffering from common fungal problems such as scratches, girth itch, ringworm and rain rot.”

photo 5-4

First impression observations: 


  • Made of recycled materials
  • They smell ah-mazing!
  • Fast shipping
  • Decent Prices
  • All natural & organic
  • Biodegradable
  • Great customer service
  • Products can be used on us too
  • Lockable spray bottles (see picture below)

photo 2-6photo 3-8


  • The conditioner and distress treatment are not filled to the top of the bottle as you can see above
  • There is no expiration date on the bottles, however, i did contact them and they replied quickly saying all products expire 1.5-2 years after being opened and left in cool space.
  • Packaging might not have been double checked as only two bottles had tape on them(the ones on the left). Lucky the others didn’t spill, nonetheless one can never be too sure